Empathy wrote me a letter

“Why do you care?

Of what worth is it to you that do you?

You see something happening, you know it’s not right, you know it’s not any good for them, and that’s what makes you feel vulnerable? Looking at others suffering, the way they’re consumed by their muse, by their love, is that what bothers you? You see them break down within themselves with a near-to-tears face, their eyes withholding the urge to relinquish the pain, is that was affects you?

Why does it, after all? You try to talk to them, they push you away. You try to help them, they refuse to be helped. You attempt to cheer them up, they feel overwhelmed. It’s pointless, why don’t you get it?

Oh, but you just wanna be there for them through it? How do you think you’re not at fault?

Dude, you (just) want to see them smiling again! You (just) want them to be themselves! You (just) don’t want them to change for the worse! You (just) want them to carry on the way they did! Don’t you think it’s too cruel?

Oh, you. You’re a misfit. You don’t understand anything. You don’t get humans. You are a creep, yes that’s what you are. Now go away before you bother anyone else around you.”



Author: Jash Dalal

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