We humans are an evolved species. We have evolved generation after generation. From apes to uncivilized people to decent individuals and today, we’ve advanced in every sphere. We call it excellence, achievements and a result of hard work. 

Considering the flip side of the same, there are negative aspects of this advancement. We are learning more day after day, exploring by the second, and between these studies, we have forgotten our values and our culture. We’ve failed to sustain that level of spirituality among us.

Where at one point in time respecting parents was something valuable, obeying their words was our duty and learning good from them was the convention, today we don’t think once before defying their status and word. It is us who are suffering, no one else. The coming generation will do the same and the situation will worsen, more than what it is today.
Similarly, when we were young, we used to tremble before uttering a foul word. And today? We go around abusing as if it is like eliciting your knowledge in that sphere. We think, “It is all okay, who’s gonna hear us? Or even if they do, does it really matter?” At this point in time, we have developed a mentality such that we find the normal people bizarre. Teens who don’t consume alcohol are looked at with a startled face. Smoking and doing drugs is a petty thing.

In our country it was limited up to using bad words, boozing and smoking and doing drugs years ago, not anymore. There are several cases of teen pregnancies, murders by students and cases of sexual harassment after losing control on oneself. People get into needless controversies. Couples get intimate having unwanted consequences. I’m sure that there must be plenty other aftermaths that I’m unaware of.

A while ago, I used to wonder why aren’t the crime rates abating despite a constant increase in the literacy level. This is what literacy does: It prepares a perfect blend of green-eyed monster who despises his contemporaries, who then resorts to illegal practices after he has been limited by his state of affairs.

All of this has done nothing but, convoluted the already messed up situation. We don’t allow ourselves to lead a settled life, however we are. There is something troubling us from within, always. We constantly regret our decisions we exercise and whine later. Ever pondered, why?


After keeping in mind that you and I form the society:
“Society’s standards are darned. If you’re quiet and reserved, you’re an emo. If you’re open and expressive, you’re attention hungry. If you’re a virgin by 16, you’re doing something wrong. If you lose it by 16, you’re a whore. If you don’t compliment yourself, you’re begging for compliments. If you do compliment yourself, you’re full of yourself. If you’re unique, you’re weird. If you’re normal, you’re “boring”. It’s hard to find yourself in a world so centered around perfection, when in reality imperfection is what defines us.”

We just need to be slightly empathetic. The change will reflect sooner rather than later. We need to have the intent to mend our life to the extent that we are all leading a contented life. If we want to experience that, we definitely need to give this crisis a second thought. 

It is for the better, our welfare.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” – Madonna


Author: Jash Dalal

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