17 Post Valentine Day Date Ideas in Mumbai for a Second Date for Every Kind of Budget!

Ms. Jinali Mehta

Feasting choices in Bombay are dime and dozen, however that hot guy or the beautiful lady you are planning on taking out almost certainly needs the ideal setting to be awed – whether it’s a basic night out, Valentine’s day or the paramount festivity of the year, a birthday! Be that as it may, here’s the thing: Mumbai is a sanctuary of eating alternatives suited for a wide range of ledgers (and for those with none). As a Mumbaikar who’s spent my entire life here, I give you 17 best places for post Valentine dates in Mumbai for each sort of spending plan – and some basic information on each to get the ball rolling (no pun intended)!



  1. Juhu Beach

If you can look past the hordes of tourists on the main beach, pick up a gola and sukha bhel and take a romantic walk towards Ville Parle side eventually settling near the quieter Silver Beach. This one is perfect for a walking date – holding hands and discovering each other. Arguably, one of the best dating places in Mumbai.

When to visit: Sundown

Cost for two: Starts at Rs 30 for sukha bhel

2. Cafe Madras, Matunga

Not exactly the kind of a date from the movies but the piping hot idli with filter kaapi, or a hot sambhar-soaked vada are enough to warm you up and bond with that special person. If the wait is too long, avoid cutting your date short by adding in a walk at the nearby Five Gardens.

When to visit: NOT on a Sunday

Cost for two: Rs 450

  1. Bayview, Colaba

This one is a well-kept local secret. Seaview in Mumbai isn’t a rich person’s domain. Out of the clutter of 5-star options is the Strand Hotel rooftop. A fabulous Gateway of India view, cheap alcohol and candlelight – your wallet and heart are both equally happy!

When to visit: Sundown

Cost for two: Rs 800

  1. Gostana, Bandra West

While this remains one of our favorite places for going solo, it makes for an intimate setting for two as well, if all you want to do is relax, read and enjoy yummy burgers. We always hope we get a glimpse of owner Arpana’s gorgeous dogs!

When to visit: Anytime, if there is space!

Cost for two: Rs 800

  1. Le Cafe, Chembur

Chembur isn’t well-known for being date-friendly, with its own residents preferring pretty much any place else. However, amidst the Udipi joints and vada pav havens is a charming little cafe. Get a Sangria pitcher, start with the mezze platter and gorge on their pastas or mains. Service is slow, hence order first and talk later.

When to visit: Weekdays, because weekends is full of families gawking at couples.

Cost for two: Rs 1000

  1. Jumjoji, Bandra West

While the Britannias and Jimmy Boys are for all gourmands, Jumjoji has a great setting for a date with Parsi food. Their small menu is delicious, and the lighting plus limited seating is perfect for intimate conversations.

When to visit: Weekday dinners

Cost for two: Rs 1200

  1. Jamjar Diner, Versova

Even in the middle of a thunderstorm, you can hear Michael Jackson’s entire discography while eating some Eggs Kejriwal. If you wake up hungover and remember rather late the brunch date you had made, Jamjar is your best bet with fabulous all-day breakfast options.

When to visit: Anytime.

Cost for two: Rs 1500

  1. Cafe Mangii, Powai

While the chain is all over Mumbai, we picked this outlet because of the spacious seating and its proximity to the Powai Lake. Get one of the lake-view tables and indulge in conversation over their superb pizzas and wine.

When to visit: Sunday lunch

Cost for two: Rs 1700

  1. Tasting Room, Lower Parel

Tasting Room is best enjoyed at leisure. Mostly because the lady is surely going to run straight into Good Earth and start planning some house decor reorganization. Bring her back to reality in style with the signature teas and sandwiches. There is a dining menu too. Highly recommended for heart-to-heart conversations.

When to visit: Anytime.

Cost for two: Rs 1800

  1. Aoi, Bandra West

Aoi, with its paper birds and an ever-changing Japanese-inspired menu, is a charming little Bandra joint away from the Leelavati traffic madness. Do check on seating availability before heading there and try getting the bar stools. Create your love story while the chef creates delicious sushi and yummy katsu curry.

When to visit: Weekday dinners

Cost for two: Rs 1700

  1. SmokeHouse Deli, Pali Hill

The erstwhile Yellow Tree was a favourite for its vibe, and the new SmokeHouse elevates that up ten notches. This one is closer to its superb Bangalore counterpart in terms of charm and the relaxed ambiance. Everything is usually good to eat and we highly recommend their various flavoured mojitos. Try getting one of the three outdoor tables as the waiters are the least pushy there.

When to visit: Lunch, extending to sundown

Cost for two: Rs 2000

  1. Out of the Blue, Powai

There is a stark difference between the two OOTB outlets. The Bandra one is noisy and family friendly, but the Powai one is quieter with a romantic setting on the balcony. Powai is full of many cafe options, but we would still go for OOTB because of the vibe and the fantastic food.

When to visit: Weekday dinners

Cost for two: Rs 2000

  1. Big Bang Cafe, Bandra West

In the night-time, this is a crowded bar; but at sundown, it is a quiet, romantic sit-down above the bustling Bandra streets. Take advantage of their happy hours, get one of the tables next to the ledge and stretch out your romantic date to shake a leg on the dance floor a few hours later.

When to visit: Sundown

Cost for two: Rs 2000

  1.  Olive, Mahalaxmi

Ladies, their fantastic outdoor bar is tiled. Ergo, avoid stilettos. Perfect mood setting, less noisy than its Bandra counterpart. Tip: for Rs 100 or so, the nearby stable boys will show off the racing horses to you and let you feed them.

When to visit:Dinner

Cost for two: Rs 3200

  1. Gadda La Vida, Juhu

This one boasts one of the best sea views to be had in the area. The candlelight, yummy (pricey) food and the sound of the waves makes this a must-visit. Once there, you won’t think of any other places to go on a date in Mumbai.

When to visit: Sundown (you won’t get the couch after)

Cost for two: Rs 4000

  1. The Table, Colaba

If this is where you are taking your lady, could we have your number, please? This is the place to let her know how important she is, over some of Mumbai’s best food. The place is a little hard on the pockets, but oh-so-worth it.

When to visit: Start of the month, while your bank balance looks healthy

Cost for two: Rs 4000

  1. Dome, Marine Drive

Dome at the Intercontinental continues to be the best location from which to watch the Queen’s Necklace at night. The beautiful white setting adds a touch of fancy to the place, and if this is a popping-the-question date, we definitely recommend this as the place to do it.

When to visit: Sundown

Cost for two: Rs 4000

Go out there and make your date’s day more special. Once you’ve worked out your perfect date destination, a perfect date is not a far-fetched dream. Anyway, all that it takes is a little mindfulness, kindness and passion.

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