Male Invisibility

Okay, so I have been thinking about this for a while now-

We, who form the society have always spoken about the abuses the women face. I myself have written about it, condemned the actions of certain men, ranted about how it should change, promoted women empowerment. Most of the people do that, it isn’t just me.

Now, what really bothers me is that we have never given importance to the issues males face. And this is really worth the thought, regardless of what sex you belong to.

Have you ever thought how a male you know would be feeling right now? If you’re a male or a female, it doesn’t change your responsibility. There could be your own male best friend hurting like shit while being beside you, and you wouldn’t know. If you’re a female, a guy would tend to give you all the attention when you’re feeling low. He would do all the stuff in the world to cheer you up. And you wouldn’t know how he is feeling.

Let’s face it- we have always given more importance to the rollercoaster of emotions faced by girls. There are some guys out there who are ready to do absolutely anything to make a female close to him feel better. He has a fair idea of how bad a period is. He gets that female through for those days of the month. He makes sure he handles the female well. And then it is all normal for a few days again.

But the truth is, that guys have off days too. They tend to feel low at times. They would want some of your attention at times. They would want you to do stuff for him. Try to do half the stuff he does for you. Try not to be moody when you have to do something for a guy. It will bring a smile on his face. He will feel better. He’ll be able to open up with you more. He will want to share more things with you. Just try it once, even if it is your father. He will feel special.

The same applies for males.

Damn you brah, we both got a life beyond football. We can talk about it anytime we want. Let’s help each other out first and maybe we’ll discuss football better than what we do. Let’s cut other superficial crap out and be ourselves. Yeah, we got off days too, both of us know that. We’re just afraid of showing it to each other. We’re afraid because we think the opposite one will say “Kya ladki jaisi baat kar raha hai be”, ” Mard ko dard nahi hota”

That’s false.

We need to be confident to talk our feelings out. And that won’t change without a little support. Be there for your male pal. Pamper him at times. Keep on asking him how he is doing frequently. Encourage him to talk more. Gradually, your bond with him will mean something so precious to you that you will begin to accept him completely differently, and he will start valuing you more than ever. The two of you will find your bond to have jumped to another level.

Just keep one thing in mind, males aren’t any different.

So, let’s change this together?



Author: Jash Dalal

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