4 Shoes Every Man Needs To Own, No Matter What

-Karan Chaudhary

WELCOME TO BOMBAY, the city of the stylish. Where everyone looks their best, from top to bottom. Given we started from the top lets focus on our another important aspect of looks, our shoes.

Here I shall tell you, you young men just trying to figure out your college life, a few things to maybe not ease the transition you all will face but look good during it.

1. White Sneakers

Of course we had to slot these in. As seen on celebrities and every blogger out there, white sneakers are now a global phenomenon, so to say. They can be paired with jeans, chinos, city shorts, every colour, texture, silhouette, phew. Basically, you need these goddamn shoes.


2. Loafers

The most orthodox version of open footwear—loafers are complete breathers sometimes. Incentive? They can literally replace your lace-ups everywhere. Only, they’re a little less formal, so proceed with caution while heading to work. And in case your workplace approves, wear penny loafers! Basically, depending upon the fabric you choose, you can pair them with any bottoms of your choice!shoes-every-man-needs-to-own5-1493985663

3. Trainers

Since the onset of athleisure and almost a decade of sporty aesthetics, trainers have replaced every shoe as the undisputed street style kings. Besides being paired with track pants and seen on daddies who don’t care, kicks are now a pair of shoes that every fashionista deserves. They can literally make your outfit look incredible! Though you can wear them with anything and everything you own, know the difference between your gym and office.


4. Flip – Flops

I remember wearing shoes to college everyday in my first year, no matter how tired or late I got they were just a mandatory thing. But with time and age, time has come to acknowledge flip flops.

Even though people do not really appreciate others wearing them, it feels pretty good to wear them ourselves.

So now comes third year and all I want to wear are flip flops.


P.s. Mine are better than these. 🙂

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