Blue Suit With Brown Shoes | How To Match This Classic Combo With Style.

-Karan Chaudhary

Anyone whose seen Kenny Sebastian’s Stand up special on Amazon Prime would agree with me that he wore the perfect suit with the perfect shoes.

So riddle me this,

Is there any men’s style combination with more instantaneous appeal than that of the blue suit / brown shoes?

It’s the gin and tonic of modern fashion. With good reason.


The blue suit falls a long way away from the somber tones of the black or even dark gray suit. It provides a touch of modernity and a pinch of adventurousness, all while maintaining a professional air.

A slight sidestep from the more traditional navy suit, the blue suit is a formidable force in the new generation of office style.

It is a fit for almost any occasion, providing an amazing scope for guys who want to look good, whether it’s out and about with friends, or making an impression at the office. Right now, the look is very much in, and with the right accessories, and a little care and attention to appropriate tones, you too call pull it off.


Matching a suit with shoes can be a bit of a headache. The wrong combination can look jarring, or even send the wrong message.

Whether you’re heading for an all-important job interview or just to a fancy event, you need to have confidence in your look.

Still not convinced? Still believe there is a better suit out there for you?

Give me one more chance…

A blue suit with brown shoes allows you to show off a slightly more casual look in an understated way.

It’s a look that is more contemporary than traditional shoe colors allow. Black dress shoes tend to be more formal. Reserve them for funerals, serious occasions, or more conservative offices.

Beyond the situational issues, black shoes can, in fact, look slightly odd when paired with some shades of blue, potentially clashing more than they complement. It’s far better to opt for a shoe that has some personality and is as unconventional as the suit itself.

Bear in mind that your choice of brown shoe color will depend entirely on the shade of blue you choose for your suit. Pick the suit first and the shoe second.

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